Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Industrial loft fantasy

It has long been a fantasy of mine to live in an industrial loft. I dig repurposed spaces, plus the idea of bringing the comforts of home into a hard, industrial space (or any place that might seem inhospitable at first) appeals to my jones for oppositional design.

This slideshow is from Houzz, which is one of my favorite destination spots online and through their mobile app. I just look through it for now--soon, I'll set up an "ideabook," where I can save my favorite photos.

Pinterest kind of has this spot for me, but I think the specificity of Houzz for interior design might make it more my go-to in the future.

Do you ever dream of living in an industrial loft? What about a gypsy trailer? Or going on safari and camping in those romantic tents?

Invite Beauty,


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