Friday, November 22, 2013

Here and gone

Here Kitty, oil on canvas, 24" x 36" COLLECTED
Original Finger Painting
Recently, I posted on my Tumblr this image of my first Here Kitty Original Finger Painting.

It's been getting a crazy amount of likes and reblogs, which is satisfying. I remember when I first painted and showed this piece back in 2006, how much attention and compliments it received. (It was also copied by a few artists, but we won't go there.) Apparently, the blue cats in my Here Kitty Series strike a chord with people!

This image, along with others in the Here Kitty Series, are now available as high quality, collectible greeting cards from my Etsy shop. If you'd like to have them to share some light during the winter holidays, please order early. I'm running about two weeks behind at this point.

Which brings up something else I'd like to tell you.

I'm a pattern-seeking kind of guy. It helps when I practice psychotherapy, and you can definitely see it in my artwork. It's my way of making sense of the world: connecting the dots and making the invisible (or the glaringly obvious to the outsider), visible.

So, when I revamped my blog--twice!--in the last three months, and attempted to broaden the scope of Ivan Chan Studio to include not only art, but also design and psychology, I realized something.

My posts for my renewed blog were almost all about design.

I can't ignore this pattern, and where it tells me my heart is headed, and I've come to both a difficult and liberating decision.

I'm going on official hiatus, indefinitely, with my artwork.

I'll keep my Etsy shop open for a while, but I will begin closing it down over the coming months. If there's something you've always wanted, contact me privately as soon as possible, and either make me a Black Friday (November 29) offer, or check in with me any time to see if it's still available.

I'll continue to be active on social media such as Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram, where I'll post about art, design, and psychology--but this blog, and the shop, are going into a deep hibernation.

If you find yourself jonesing for some of my original artwork (to commission or purchase), limited edition prints, and collectible greeting cards, you have several options on how to contact me. I'll trust in your resourcefulness.

And--not to leave on too sad a note--I'm working on a new project, which I'll announce in the coming weeks. Make sure you're following or subscribed to find out what it is!

My gratitude to all of you.

Invite Beauty,


Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Industrial loft fantasy

It has long been a fantasy of mine to live in an industrial loft. I dig repurposed spaces, plus the idea of bringing the comforts of home into a hard, industrial space (or any place that might seem inhospitable at first) appeals to my jones for oppositional design.

This slideshow is from Houzz, which is one of my favorite destination spots online and through their mobile app. I just look through it for now--soon, I'll set up an "ideabook," where I can save my favorite photos.

Pinterest kind of has this spot for me, but I think the specificity of Houzz for interior design might make it more my go-to in the future.

Do you ever dream of living in an industrial loft? What about a gypsy trailer? Or going on safari and camping in those romantic tents?

Invite Beauty,


Friday, November 01, 2013

O Buddhamas Tree, O Buddhamas Tree!

Buddha Ornament by Z Gallerie
Religions experienced in other cultures are often syncretic, which is to say, they're a fusion of different belief systems: a spiritual mashup.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this Christmas ornament of the Buddha. The product description included the word "Zen," of course, which in English common usage connotes more an aesthetic than a religious practice.

Anyway, I thought this was kind of neat, and reflects our diverse cultural heritages.

Happy Friday!

Oh! And go buy some cards to send this winter from my Etsy shop, okay? Thanks!

Invite Beauty,