Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Size matters

This short (6:42) video discusses micro-apartments or "apodments," which are small, studio apartments that have been decked out to be sleek and efficient.

I'm excited to see design respond to the changing needs of people. The cost of living is so high in some cities, it's like the arteries have become clogged for bringing in young professionals and keeping recent graduates: the city's future.

Besides the economic reasons, there's the sociological question of what it means for us to want or need our individual spaces so much that we will forego spaciousness for solitude. Has it become that hard to find a decent roommate or a best friend to join in the adventure of moving to a big city?

Design reflects our psychology. In turn, design influences our behaviors. I hope that the apodments will create space for us to be ourselves while still allowing connection with others; I wonder what kind of communal areas (and activities) will be embedded in this sort of architecture.

Do you live in a small space and wonder what you could do to make it wonderful? My own experience living in a 200 square foot studio apartment taught me how to design, decorate, and thrive in a small home, and I can do the same for you.

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