Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thereabouts: My Sunday surprise! Part 3

Man Cave
(From one of Jennifer Bertrand's Pinterest boards)

Jennifer Bertrand (Season 3 winner of HGTV Design Star) describes her project above as a "man cave," and says that what makes a man or woman cave is a room that makes you happy because everything you love is in it.

Me, I can't stop staring at those lovely bulbs! I find this color scheme both soothing and masculine.

Jennifer's set design for KC (Kansas City) Live

I love set decoration. I really, really love set decoration. And set design. So I'm loving what Jennifer did for the tv show, KC Live. It looks welcoming, and combines yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) aspects for a balanced feel that's comfortable.

A dreamy screened-in porch

I love a designer who thinks outside of the box (or white room). Notice the cabinet on the left? It's attached to the wall and actually floats above the bar, and the legs create a boundary for that space. The bar itself sits on shelving that's supported in part by two stacks of books.

And can we say SOFA SWING? It echoes the floating quality of the cabinet, and is nicely decadent inside a room rather than outside on a porch (although it still reminds us that it's a screened-in porch). 

I bet if we could stand farther back, the lack of legs on the sofa gives the room an airy feel, which is amplified by the walls of windows. 

Jennifer's dining room

I wonder if this has changed since she took the picture. Designers' homes are oftentimes the labs for their experiments, and nothing stays the same for long.

And there's that signature painting she does! It's not only bold and dramatic, what thrills me is how the petals bend onto the adjoining wall to the right. This is a designer who uses her creativity to break through limitations that would normally stop others. She also cites Craig's List as a hot go-to for affordable decor and furnishings (I second that). 

Figures she's also an artist, right?

I'm so happy Jennifer decided to follow me on Twitter, because it gave me a chance to find out more about her and become inspired by her triumphs, struggles, and imagination. 

Here's to design improving lives, supporting us through difficult times, and for me, most importantly--connecting us to each other.

Next: Design hero, Emily Henderson.


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