Monday, September 16, 2013

Thereabouts: My Sunday surprise! Part 2

Jennifer Bertrand's completed White Room Challenge.
(image from
The Season 3 contestants of HGTV Design Star lucked out in their White Room Challenge and could shop at Michael's (an arts and crafts supply store) with $500. The theme was to design based on a country, and Jennifer got assigned "Italy."

Holy wow, right?! She painted those designs freehand. Sorry it's a little blurry, but I wanted to blow up the pic so you could see it better. Okay, that sounded like a good idea while it was still in my head.

Cut to the chase, she won Season 3 of HGTV Design Star! Soon after winning, she and her husband became parents to Winston, a boy with special needs stemming from two rare medical conditions known as lymphatic malformation and venous malformation, and his care took precedence over her show, Paint Over.

Isn't Winston adorable?! 
That trach helps Winston to breathe, and according to Jennifer, the malformations make fluids gather in his neck, giving him a "Jay Leno" chin at times. She cracks me up!

Jennifer and her husband, Chris, were both teachers before embarking on their careers as interior designers (with no formal training, which delights this self-taught artist to no end). They had both auditioned for HGTV Design Star, with Jennifer getting the chance to compete on the show.

I think this was a Thanksgiving pic.
Yes, it's another photograph that's blurry because I enlarged it--but it's completely justifiable because I have a weakness for candid family shots where everybody isn't smiling. A crying baby is classic!

I love Jennifer's energy, honesty, friendliness, optimism, generosity, and humor. There's been a lot written and said already about her family's experience on the interwebs, so I'm going to focus on Jennifer's design work.

Next up: What'd I just tell you? It's going to be about Jennifer Bertrand's design work!

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