Friday, September 13, 2013

Thereabouts: My Sunday surprise! Part 1

Season 3 HGTV Design Star Winner, Jennifer Bertrand

Bear with me as I overhaul, like, everything on this blog. Notice the snazzy new blog banner? I like it. I hope you do, too. I'm surprised at how much coding I can figure out when I set my mind to it, and how much HTML and Photoshop skills I can recall.

Thanks to She Sews Seashells for the feedback and encouragement while I redesigned this blog.

The news I'm finally getting around to sharing with you (besides creating my Pinterest boards--please go look, re-pin, and follow at your leisure!), is that I had a nice surprise this past Sunday when I found out Jennifer Bertrand was following me on Twitter.

Who's Jennifer Bertrand? She came to my attention in Season 3 of HGTV Design Star, when she knocked my socks off in the "white room challenge."

It's white. It's a room. It's a challenge. IT'S THE WHITE ROOM CHALLENGE.
(image from

In this challenge, you get a white room filled with white (IKEA, it looks like) furniture--which isn't always the same furniture across seasons. Your task is to decorate and design the room using a themed set of supplies (like, "only things found in a pet store"), which have to be purchased in an hour with a limited budget.

Next: The White Room Jennifer Bertrand designed!

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