Friday, September 06, 2013

Realism is not reality

In between work and studying for my psychotherapy license, I've been plunging into all things (interior) design. I decided to subject myself to HGTV Design Star, which has now been re-branded as HGTV Star.

It's a "reality show" where people compete to win their own HGTV show.

For the first few seasons, I watched every episode from start to finish. As is my usual experience when watching anything that happens inside a space, I want people to get out of my way so I can check out the interior design!

Could you move over a little?
I don't care for drama, and the idea of putting people through an artificial emotional wringer to squeeze out extreme emotional reactions for my viewing pleasure is unpleasant and, to borrow from Neil Simon's Biloxi Blues, "inventing a crime that didn't exist to enforce your theories of discipline is Neanderthal in its conception." Yeah, that about sums it up.

Anyway, the great thing about "reality TV" (and it does deserve the quotation marks) is that it's not reality! See, in reality, lives don't follow a plot! Realism is a genre. Okay, if I keep typing exclamation points, I'm going to accuse myself of dramz.

Next up: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Fast Forward through a Reality Show.

Note: The screencaps are from Prince of Tides, credit for set decoration goes to Caryl HellerArthur Howe, Jr, and Leslie A. Pope. It'd be a bad pun to say I'm giving them props, but set decorators are really unsung heroes on the set and they deserve to be acknowledged for their talent and work.

Another note: Gratitude also to for posting about the Prince of Tides set, which is personally significant to me (more later).

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