Thursday, September 05, 2013

Little changes lead to big changes, Part 1

I hate to use this space as my public private confessional, but I'm going to do it anyway.

I hate blogging. 


I enjoy writing as much as writing can be enjoyable (it's more of a release for me at this point, to scribble in my journal irregularly), but blogging is a different monster altogether. It's kind of like this public diary crossed with journalism, and a little obsession (or a lot) thrown in. 

So, I don't read blogs. Well, let me take that back: if it's got pretty pictures, then I will. (Yes, I know, ironic, right? No pretty pictures on my blog for so long you'd think it's about an artist in solitary confinement and a straitjacket because if he had access to his fingers he'd at least bite them and draw with his blood like any normal, passionate artist would do, because he's just gotta paint! But no, he's probably just being recorded and transcribed as he rants about what he'd like to do--if only...) 

This is why I like Pinterest and Tumblr. Pinterest more, sheesh--I can spend hours on there. And ask me how surprised I was to find some of my artwork pinned on some Pinterest boards! Neat.

Anyway, I was going through the blogs I followed and you know what? Like 90% of them are defunct. People just sort of stopped. 

My first thought was: WHEW. It's not just me. 

Blogging is kinda like work sometimes. Which makes it not play.

However, I'm not ready to abandon this whole blogging thing. I like popping in here and sharing stuff, and I like it when other people share stuff with me (okay, with the rest of the world on Facebook, but wev). Perhaps one day I'll get a load of comments, not to prove the popularity of my blog, but just so I know that what I'm writing about means something to someone. Stirs up enough emotion that people bother to go through the trouble of commenting. Who knows. 

Okay, onto some pictures in the next post. These are going to be about interior design and decoration. These are pictures from a guest bedroom in my mother's home that is also periodically rented to college students and commuters. Yes, I should have taken "before" pics and "after" pics and shared the design process visually.

But you know what? I wasn't planning to share this, and as fun as before-and-after shots can be, I sometimes don't mind seeing just the finished product. Go through most design mags, and it's more like ta-da! Rather than "Ew! And then we did this, and then we did that, and voila!" 

What you're going to get are my explanations about what I did and why. Not as good as before-and-after photos, but I know for next time, alright?

Now please go buy some of my art. It encourages me.


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