Saturday, September 07, 2013

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Fast Forward through a Reality Show

Image from Candice (the blonde pointy one) Olson's blog post.
Continuing from yesterday's post, my point is that "reality shows" follow a formula.

So, I forwarded each episode to the middle and I got to skip, well, the purpose of the show, which is to depict normal people under extreme physical, emotional, and overall psychological stress, and went straight to the judging, where I could see the finished design and also hear the judges' feedback.

Even though the judges were critiquing designs and design processes that would never happen in a real design job, and what we see on television is greatly abbreviated (a friend of a friend was on Chopped and revealed that the judges actually spent an entire hour giving feedback about each dish, so I imagine it's probably similar on other shows), it's still helpful.

Image from
I love it when they disagree with each other! Just as I disagree with whoever set up those chairs for season 5. When the judges confer, they huddle, and it looks undignified because they just lean over and it looks like giraffes at a watering hole rather than awesome designers conferring. Not so elegant.

Image by world-renowned photographer Frans Lanting
Next: There's a takeaway from all of this.

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