Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Creating the Family Tree: Sketch #4

Tree sketch #4

After my patrons saw Sketch #3, they said they wanted to see all of the tree within the boundaries of the surface. I experimented with a different kind of "leaf" style and you can see that the branches are different, too--not as thick and heavy.

Also, we discussed having a more dynamic landscape than in Sketch #3, so I added a rolling hill and made the water flow, rather than have a still pond as in the previous sketch. There are also a few trees in the distance on the hill. This echoed my Original Finger Painting, I Am There:

I Am There, Original Finger Painting, 12" x 16", oil on canvas, COLLECTED

It also reflects the landscape found from an Original Finger Painting in my Here Kitty Series, Three Cats from the Mountain:

To read about each Original Finger Painting, please click on their titles. I've made neither I Am There nor Three Cats from the Mountain into Little Beauties Art Cards, but you can find other beautiful and collectible art cards printed on eco-friendly, 100% postconsumer, matte cardstock in my Etsy shop.

Three Cats from the Mountain, Original Finger Painting, 12" x 36", oil on canvas, COLLECTED

Anyway, you'll see in the next sketch the results of my patrons' feedback. Only two more sketches until the final sketch, and then I reveal the Original Finger Painting!

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