Monday, October 24, 2011

Creating The Family Tree: Sketch #1

Tree sketch #1

Okay, okay!

I've been promising to post pics of one of my commissions for a while now. Here's the first sketch.

The family that commissioned me commissioned a carpenter to create a media unit that would house their A/V stuff. They had just purchased a large flat screen TV and didn't want to see it all the time in the living room (especially when it was off), and thought a painting would hide it nicely, while beautifying the living room.

I was invited to create one of my Original Finger Paintings, which would be painted on a pair of doors. It would be the largest Original Finger Painting I've made to date, plus it was on wood. We had to see if the varnish the carpenter used would mess with my oil paints, and luckily, it didn't.

Initial sketches are fascinating to me because I like to see the progression from start to finish, and to note what changed, what was kept, and what was tossed out.

Based on what my patrons told me they wanted, I sketched this oak for them. It's based on the Valley Oak, which is found in the Bay Area of Northern California.

Notice the faint line in the middle, where the doors would meet, and also the four roots which represented the four members of the family. The black rectangle is drawn to scale for the doors.

More sketches coming!

Invite Beauty,