Sunday, September 18, 2011

How it's going

Yesterday, I closed down my eBay store.

Please visit my Etsy shop if you'd like to purchase any Original Finger Paintings, limited edition prints, and collectible greeting cards. 

If you're the kind of person to share my work with others, that's great, too! I consider it a high compliment.

The last paintings I moved to my Etsy shop are scattered throughout the post. Please click on the captions if you're interested in more information and purchasing any of the Original Finger Paintings you see:

Meow & Zen
I've spent a few years on eBay and really enjoyed the people I met, whether they were artists, collectors, or admirers. I sold my work across the globe and made wonderful connections, some of which have continued onto Facebook and Etsy

It's time to move on and make new connections, in places where I think it's fostered and nurtured. 

So, how's it been going in the studio?

Slow. Since the completion of my last commission, which I've been promising to post since forever (bad artist! bad artist!), I've decided to put that end of my business on hiatus, too. 

The truth is, the psychotherapy training (I'm almost halfway through the 3,000 hours I need before sitting for my licensing exam) and building of my private practice (one of three internships), is keeping me super busy--more than I anticipated when I started my grad program. 

I'd say this lack of foresight was helpful. Who knows if it might have kept me from starting the grad program in the first place? 

Death as a Maiden
The hurdles aren't over yet.

Anyway, part of being super busy has been a rise in my stress level, which was what the last post about three months ago was about--rebuilding my life in a sustainable way, and rebuilding my health.

To that end, I've continued with yoga and my thoughts on that are:

It's damn hard!!!

Seriously! I thought it was a bunch of stretching and leotards. It's not, I assure you.

I sweat and afterwards, I'm sore. It's a real workout. Keeping up with it, I notice the benefits of being more relaxed, flexible, and toned. It's certainly allowed me to work out again, which was difficult because with tense muscles, you're going to hurt yourself. 

There are many forms of yoga, but two categories I recently heard of were "yin" and "yang." Yin is more restorative, emphasizing flexibility and relaxation. Yang is more about strength and stamina. All this without weights! 

Bodies are neat. I forget about how taking care of mine is fun.

Call of Nature
I also utilized massage and acupuncture, and my thoughts are:

They take work, too!!!

I'm trained in massage (it's very handy, no pun intended) and when I get to work with a skilled massage therapist, it's magic. The end result is relaxation, but the work involved is being conscious during the massage and learning to relax and let go of tension in response to the attention the therapist places in tight and sore areas. 

Bodywork isn't something done to you if you want it to be truly effective--it's a collaborative process.

The Lightness of Being
As for acupuncture, it was a lot more relaxing than I thought it would be. Maybe the needles mislead me, but I used to brace myself for my treatments at first, but then I realized that it not only had a calming effect on me, but I couldn't do a damned thing while I was stuck full of needles! 

What I also learned was that I had to engage with the acupuncture treatment, too. I'd lie there and my mind would start wandering, and when I focused on something stressful, my back would tighten up. 

I didn't know I was doing this but hey, when you have a needle in your back that twinges when your muscles tighten, you learn pretty quick how your body is responding to stress. 

Acupuncture was like bio-feedback for me. I learned to quiet my mind (or else) and got immediate feedback whether it was working or not.

Essence of Motion
And that's about it. I'm feeling much better--more relaxed and healthier than before. I still have my stresses, and I miss painting, but my eyes are on the prize of that license for Marriage and Family Therapy for now. 

Thanks again for all your support. More news soon, promise!