Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things Break Down

In the last three months of the New Year, I've replaced several things that have broken down.

I've replaced my scanner (it just stopped working) with an awesome 3-in-1 holy trinity machine that prints duplex. Duplex! This is almost like when I saw the first X-Men movie. I was in delicious denial that a childhood fantasy could come true. Yes, I dreamed of duplex printing as a child. I mean, c'mon. Printing. On both sides. Seriously!!

I've replaced my network router (which just stopped working) with this neat one that allows me to hook up a wired printer and/or hard drive to it so that I can print wirelessly and backup my computer wirelessly! Can you believe it? When I was a kid, we had rotary phones and texting was called Morse Code. By the way, my awesome holy trinity scanner can work wirelessly already. I just want to dance with my laptop, while sending bits of data through the ether that make machines around me do my bidding. Drunk with power, I tell you!

Additionally, my mouse, which was part of a graphics tablet, stopped working. It just stopped. I had stopped using it as a graphics tablet years ago (it ended up being too small, but I'd occasionally use it as a tablet just for fun--until the fun ran out and frustration set up house), used it as a mouse on my glass desk (lasers go right through the desktop), and have now replaced it with a wireless mouse that came with--you guessed it--my wireless keyboard. I replaced my wired ergonomic keyboard with a wireless one. Whee! It is unexpectedly liberating not to have cables to contend with, especially given my insane need for inevitably inexistent working space on my desk.

I've also replaced my phone, which I guess is technically a smartphone. I was holding out for one of the new phones coming near the end of the year, after sticking with it for a year and a half, but because the charger just stopped working (and the battery couldn't hold a charge), I had to bite the bullet and get a new phone. It's very nice, faster and bigger and lighter than my old one, and I'm still adapting. I'm glad my old apps downloaded, because some of them don't even exist anymore.

Lastly, I've replaced my car. My Prius was totaled (talk about not working anymore!) and I had to get another car.

Besides my keyboard, phone, and car, I've had my old scanner, router, and mouse for about ten years. I thought about this as they suddenly stopped working. I felt okay about it--a little sad for sure, but overall, I felt like they gave good service and it was time for them to be recycled.

However, that's still a lot of stuff to replace, to let go, to acknowledge they've reached the end of their usefulness; I think I've come to this conclusion with my art, at least on the public end.

I still have some commissions in the wings and have finally finished the big commission I accepted back in August 2010. My collectors came in today, approved the image, and now I'm waiting for the carpenter to pick it up for varnishing. I'll post the process on this blog eventually.

Back to the topic at hand, I'm beginning the official hibernation of the public side of my art business. I've removed all prints and cards (except for one set as of this writing) from my eBay store, leaving only a few Original Finger Paintings available; my plan is to move everything to my Etsy shop and consolidate in the next couple of months.

For now, I think I need to replace my focus on art with a focus on getting my hours towards licensure as a psychotherapist; after this is accomplished, I will continue to increase my focus on growing my private practice. Once that is established, and I imagine it will take years, perhaps I will again offer my (original) work readily to the public, and not only accept private commissions as I've been doing the past couple of years.

That's my intention. Who knows what it will really look like? As I worked on this last commission, I was reminded as I was reminded from visiting the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco that I love to make art. It makes me happy, it makes me peaceful, and it makes others feel similarly. I'm just too damned busy (which I don't like) and I have certainly hated keeping you waiting.

Hence the announcement. After much thought, I think hibernation is the way to go.

Doesn't mean I'm shutting up! I'll still post periodically on this blog (subscribe so you get notifications, if you don't want to keep checking back here), and I plan to revive my advice column on (they've made a bunch of changes and it's finally an interactive site that's worth nurturing).

Thank you, again, for all your support, from the compliments to the collecting, I've treasured every transaction, and every one of you.

Invite Beauty,