Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I really hope people watch this video of a talk by Dr. Brené Brown, who researches about shame-resilience, empathy, and vulnerability in her efforts to help people feel more connected to each other, which has far-reaching and positive consequences for everybody, including organizations such as families, governments, businesses, schools, nations, etc.

I've watched this video several times already. It's only 20 minutes but it feels like so much important information (delivered with humor and compassion), I can't take it in with just one viewing. I actually feel like I have to take notes, and the only times I take notes are when I'm learning a topic that's difficult for me to grasp (like when I took Elementary Statistics, remember that?), or something that I get so excited about that my mind kind of floods (I think it's called "overwhelmed").

Really. It's mind blowing what the good doctor has to say about connection and the root of disconnection. And if we're here to connect (it's in our genes and species), whatever's causing the disconnect needs to be pulled into the bright light of day and staked. (Yes, I've been watching TrueBlood and I ain't apologizing!)

I also did have questions about "healthy shame" and in another video, Dr. Brown answers this question and talks about how shame and guilt are different; whereas shame is what is most likely causing the "shameful" behavior (such as violence or exploitation) and is more about "I am bad (and unworthy of belonging and unlovable)," guilt is about doing or not doing something that doesn't match up with whom we want to be or perceive ourselves as being.

There's more to learn. I plan on reading both of her books, The Gifts of Imperfection and I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn't)(If you're curious or have an e-book reader, you can probably download a sample; in the interest of full disclosure, please know that I'm an Associate and any books purchased through my links will benefit me.)

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