Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One word: plastics

I finish classes on October 2. I think that means I graduate on the same day, but really, there's a period as they check out my transcript to see if the degree can be conferred upon me. (It sounds oddly passive for what took a lot of work.)

Two years of weekends. Wow. Done. Did this feel like a blur? Hardly! It's been like dog years for me. Add onto my other responsibilities a year-long traineeship that's essentially an unpaid, part-time job and we've got...well, we've got this last year. Barely any paintings posted, no shows, and graciously delayed commissions so I can concentrate on finishing up my program.

I haven't even said how much my reading list has increased in length. It's comforting to know I'll never be without something to read, already bought and on my shelves, for years and years. I guess I should include visual media on that list, too--I've got TV shows, movies, etc. to catch up on...I'll be forever behind, going, "Hey what did you think of the series finale of __________?" (Um, yeah, the rest of the world watched it years ago.) 

I think technology will help me get more up-to-date, though. I mean, with my smartphone, I'm already able to read more than when I had to lug paper books around, and I've been able to respond to some emails faster. Don't challenge me to a thumb war right now, because I will crush you. Literally. 

Other changes and upgrades coming up: I'm planning a re-design of my web site and consolidating my shops (hint: eBay, Etsy, and CafePress may be going out the door and I may be inviting in a one-stop shop; if you've been eying an Original Finger Painting in my eBay store, now is the time to make your offers while the store's running!)

Anyway, I just thought I'd take a moment and say hi again (after only one month this time...I'm improving!). I think the future is in plastics--or rather, plasticity: our flexibility and adaptability make the future not only livable, but exciting and fun. What's next?