Sunday, April 11, 2010

O Year of Little Art

2009 saw very few (public) art offerings, I know. Behind the scenes was a bit different, but still, I owe you guys and I know it.

I have six months left in my program. I graduate in October, my favorite month. After I graduate, I start my internship and begin the process of collecting more hours towards being able to sit for my Marriage and Family Therapist license. This could take a year or longer, a time frame that makes me antsy.

Will this mean a longer delay than I anticipated in terms of producing new and available artwork outside of private commissions? Yes, unfortunately. It only gets more intense after I graduate.

I'm frustrated by this, because part of this adventure in being an artist was sharing it with you. I admit to wondering (again) if this isn't just a parallel path (counseling psychology), but a divergent one. I also admit to feeling like I should be able to find the time to produce more art.

Jeez. I just feel behind.

Right, not to take this completely sitting down, I forgot to mention that I separated out my Dharma Bodhisattva Little Beauties Art Card from the April's Serenity set and am offering it as its own set on Etsy.

You could always mix and match the cards you like for a set of 10, but I'm doing this to make it easy.

See? A little give. A little take. We'll get through this okay.

Invite Beauty,

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