Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A little break

I've been working on a spreadsheet and going over the year's business. My head feels numb, but I think that's because my shoulders have clamped down on the blood supply to my neck! I need a massage.

Last year was busier than even I thought it was. For not doing as many shows or painting as much as previous years due to my graduate program in counseling psychology (I'm in the home stretch), my artwork has been pretty popular and I'm grateful. It's been a tough year, but I'm finding that when I look at the data, I'm pleasantly surprised.

Go, research! Whoo hoo!

There's nothing quite like finding out if you're actually being effective (and if you are, how, and can you duplicate it). It makes me realize that Dr. Scott D. Miller et al.'s work on what makes for an effective psychotherapist (and therapy) is really applicable to almost everything we do. Basically, seek and accept feedback. It'll improve your game.

Okay, I think some exercise is in order, but first, since I hadn't used Blogger for so long and now find that it has this neat connection to Amazon, I'm going to recommend a book by Dr. Miller. In the interest of informed consent and full disclosure: Yes, if you buy any books from through my blog, I'll get a bit of commission.

Regardless of where you get them, though, just know that I think they're pretty darn awesome!

Invite Beauty,

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