Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Fall of the machine

My computer got a virus of some sort and I've been struggling for the last three days (and counting) to get it up and running.

It's a monumental task that has kept me up at night and busy all day when I'm near my computer. I'm glad I have to leave my home to do other things or I'd be staring at my monitor non-stop!

The repercussions of someone having spent part of their limited lifespan creating a computer virus that causes other people trouble and damage is that I've been spending my limited lifespan cleaning up this mess. What's more, even though I backed up my work, the virus may have been inadvertently backed up on the external hard drive, too--and bingo! Three years of my art business could be up in binary smoke.

This means that almost all of my cards and prints could be destroyed.

This also means that I'll be creating new cards and prints.

For those who take longer to make a decision, if I don't manage to get the files back to create the cards and prints you wanted, the opportunity may have passed. I guess everything is a "limited edition" in the big picture! Still, return to this blog for news on how the recovery is going. I may yet succeed where I failed the first two times so far.

Back to work on getting my computer running smoothly. I've also got a presentation in class this Saturday, too. My partner rocks and is taking care of the printable portion since my computer is whacked out (I owe you, buddy!). It's going to be on the use of a brief therapy model as applied to sex therapy (quickie therapy, if you will). Fun stuff! I'm all about loss, connection, and trauma when it comes to the work I'd like to do in psychotherapy.

Right, the holidays are coming again. Breathe deeply. And...

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