Friday, October 23, 2009

Sneakier preview! Pumpkin pie

Here's that cutie, Miss Pumpkin Pie herself.

It's kind of funny that the patron for this commission wanted a valley oak in this painting, because the (big-eared) dog and oak are so reminiscent of Rodrigue's "Blue Dog" work for me.

Of course, this dog isn't blue, but if you think about her oranginess, it's actually a complementary of blue! How 'bout them apples, huh?

Anyway, I'm sorry I'm taking so long to get the final photo of this handsome painting posted, but I did add some details (the legs are speckled and the chest is whiter), and then I painted the sides black instead of taking a photo first. (So I had to wait for the sides to dry before I could set up the painting for a photo shoot.)

When I was finally ready, I found my good camera's battery was dead. Serves me right for not painting more often and keeping up with the charge needs of my camera!

So to the good and gentle art lovers stopping by, I promise a final pic very soon.

Other than that, I've got my written comprehensive exam for my master's in counseling psychology tomorrow morning. Brushing up on some ethics, laws, psychopathology, and theories.

I'll be posting a sneak preview of my upcoming koi painting commission, too.


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