Monday, October 12, 2009

Sneak Preview! It's the Great Pumpkin

To some of you, this may seem like the first painting of a dog I've done, but there's actually Serenata Plata before this one. Serenata Plata was much more fanciful than this current commission, though.

When I asked my patron how he would describe the color of this adorable dog, he said, "pumpkin pie."


We talked some more and he threw out some other colors..."burnt sienna" caught my attention. One of my favorite colors judging by how little of it I have left! (Note to self: Get me to an art supply store, go!)

It was nice painting again after such a long break, and I'm happy to be able to share this particular commission with you. I've got another one prepped and have last year's winter solstice painting in line, too. (Gee, just in time for this year's winter solstice. I'm so behind!)

I'm also studying for my comprehensive written exam for my master's, which is coming up next week. Rereading the section on Virginia Satir and it makes me realize again how much influence her theory has had in the last 40 years! Basically, everything you've ever heard about having good self-esteem can probably be traced back to her.

I admire her for her compassion, and for her strength in standing up to male-dominated and -originated theories. It's just unfortunate that her theory has been interpreted and applied in such a way (according to my limited convenience sampling at the schools I've worked) as to foster narcissism rather than true self-esteem.

As for the concept of self-esteem, all I have to say about that is namaste.

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