Sunday, October 18, 2009

I want it that way.

I've been redoing all the labels for my blog and I'm almost done. What can I say? I love de-cluttering and organizing (and reorganizing) things. Trust me, you'll thank me for this. All of you. Any of you? Someone? Maybe that one person who uses these labels to find stuff on this blog?

I'm getting a little punchy again and I need to get out of here. The smell of the paint drying on my latest Original Finger Painting is getting on my nerves (not literally; the paints are non-toxic) and after finishing an article for my advice column on interracial relationships (this couple totally got denied a license because--get this--the justice of the peace was worried about their future children! I mean, what, one of their kids might become president or something? Give me a break, it's the 21st century!)

Okay, see why I need to get out? Bigotry is irritating, to say the least (but still, go read my article and leave a comment if you like)!

I'm off to drop off a giclee of Meow and Zen for a collector. Yay! Before I go, I would like to leave you with a piece of goofiness that I find heartwarming, sexy, and hilarious. Plus, this is like the only song from the Backstreet Boys that I love to bits. Thanks to Aman Chaudhury for sharing this video on Facebook.

Invite Beauty,

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