Friday, September 04, 2009

Get along now

As part of my integration and separation of my various passions (wow, I can call them passions now), I'm going to briefly introduce you to my new relationship advice column on

I started a few days ago and my first article, "How to stop complaining and get what you want," is up and ready for you to read and share!

The URL for my column is a bit unwieldy, so please use and it'll take you directly to the column (no fuss, no muss).

I've also started a new Twitter account, educatedfleas, where you can follow for updates on new articles and seek advice via Tweeting or sending me a Direct Message.

Please do send me all your relationship (family, friends, partners, coworkers, colleagues, etc.) questions, comments, and concerns for some fun and informative advice (I'll edit identifying features for confidentiality reasons, so you'll remain anonymous in the column itself). It won't be counseling and it won't be therapy--just solid tips and techniques for having better relationships with everybody around you.

I prefer that you write to me at, Twitter, or through my Examiner column. If you'd like to remain anonymous even to me, you can leave an anonymous comment on any of my articles or even here.

Many thanks for sharing my enthusiasm!

Let the lovin' begin.

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