Friday, August 14, 2009

The river in miniature

Pagoda Fountain from Z Gallerie

There's an online sale at Z Gallerie of their fountains! As a counterpoint to the overwhelming modern design that people blog about, I'd like to introduce more of the fanciful, Asian- and other cultures-inspired designs available out there.

I enjoy modern, vintage, retro, and minimal aesthetics for sure, but have ya seen my art? How's about a little flava, a bit of unnecessary but thirst-quenching decorative flair?

Anyway, this is my first post in my clarified and reoriented blog. I was beginning to go in all directions--overwhelmed as my life and art have been by counseling psychology school and my passion for interior design--and I didn't know how to integrate it gracefully into my existing blog.

So, I changed the purpose of my blog by consciously expanding its purpose. (I love finding new uses for old things.) Like an industrial building that once sheltered people while they worked and now shelters people where they live, I'm rezoning Insight to be more than my Original Finger Paintings, events, press, and what's going on in my studio.

I'm making Insight about my art, all of it, and the psychology, design, and philosophy that inspires it.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I was doing that all along. But I always felt badly that I wasn't sticking to my blog's stated mission. So, I pulled a Kobayashi maneuver and adapted my mission to the reality of how I used my blog and I feel on track.

To paraphrase a comment from my friend of She Sews Seashells, funny how it's still the same thing even with the new label.

Anyway, back to the fountain: I love the sound of water--whether it's the ocean, a river, a storm, or a fountain. It's soothing and reminds me from time to time of a key element in Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha, about the life of the historical Buddha.

Water plays many roles in our symbolic lives, from representing impermanence to unity to sex and it's something I enjoy painting--a frustrating and meditative task--whether it's with an incarnation (or three) of my blue cat, Here Kitty in A River Runs through Us:

Or as a regular feature in my Original Finger Paintings within my Merman Series, such as Thar He Blows:

I don't nearly swim enough in it (or probably drink enough of it, although I have a "tea defense"), but that's alright. I respect water, its power and primacy in our lives, and that's enough.

(Side note: A friend offered me his membership to a local swimming pool because he wasn't using it anymore--a wish I had been silently making and without anybody's knowledge over the last couple of weeks. Interesting how that sort of stuff happens, huh?)

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