Monday, August 31, 2009

Eine kleine nachtsketch: vampire

Rose of Black, vampire sketch
I had been planning some vampire (love 'em) paintings for about two years now, and I'm just getting to them. (Still working on the winter solstice painting for 2008.) What can I say, I walk to the beat of a very slow, erratic, and distractible drummer.

Anyway, my friend who went by the alias of "Rose of Black" did me a huge favor back in November of '07 and modeled some excellent vampiric photo references for me. She's perfect for the part and her large, mesmerizingly beautiful green eyes will translate well when I reinterpret her as a creature of the night.

I'll be doing other sketches and maybe sharing them. I'm not sure which one I'll develop into a full painting and when, but you bet your bottom dollar you'll find it on Insight one of these days.

Now, off to sleep before sleep is on to me.

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