Sunday, June 14, 2009

No need to be a Twit

I was talking with a friend about Twitter and my Daily Successes and I wanted to clarify some things.

1) Like, OMG. People are reading my Daily Successes! That's wonderful. And I've received feedback that they're inspiring. Great!

2) My friend enjoyed receiving the Daily Successes automatically by email--he did this by subscribing to my blog via RSS. There are other ways to subscribe to my blog. Check out the menu to the right!

3) Like some other friends, he isn't interested in signing up for Twitter or following me on Twitter. Totally understandable--and you don't have to do it to follow my Daily Successes!

4) If you like my Daily Successes and don't want to join Twitter or follow me on Twitter, you don't have to! Just pop into my blog and again, look to the right. See the section titled "In the Studio..."? You can read my Daily Successes and not have a thing to do with Twitter!

5) I know how nice it is to have blog posts delivered (I subscribe and follow all the blogs I read; it's more effort than you think to visit a blog versus having it passively delivered to your inbox). If you seriously miss the Daily Successes here, let me know. I might change my mind. Again.

6) Until then, I don't want my Daily Successes to overwhelm this blog because my artmaking and documenting has slowed down. So they're on Twitter until there's a boycott, petition, or doe-eyed begging to bring them back to this blog.
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