Monday, June 29, 2009

Self-reliant style

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As I'm studying Elementary Statistics, I am reminded of
reliability and validity.

Reliability relates to consistency. If you're using a test to find something, do you find the answer consistently?

Validity refers to measuring what you aim to measure. Sometimes people make up experiments and they think they're measuring one thing, when in fact they're measuring another.

Which made me think of my recent romp at Sproost where I "discovered" a label for my interior design style: Rustic Revival (I scored 100% as loving this style).

I went back and took the quiz again and this time came up with something completely different. Rustic Revival wasn't even on the map!

What this means is that the quiz is not reliable: It does not find the same answer (the style of the quiz taker) every time or even most of the time (I took the quiz several times just to see the randomly selected pics of beautiful rooms).

However, it might be valid: I think what the quiz measures is the underlying principle of design one enjoys.

Rustic Revival or a mix of other styles essentially says that I like to mix things up and that I like a harmonious fusion of opposites (see my post on the concept of "opposition" in design theory), rustic and reviving or not!

Okay, back to homework. Thought I'd share what I'm learning.

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