Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random variables

I am taking Elementary Statistics. It's supposedly part of a prerequisite (Research Methods and Statistics) for my master's program. Next year, they are making it a requisite and including it in the program. I don't know where they're going to shoehorn it in.

I don't need to take Elementary Statistics (I took Research Methods and statistics was a prereq, so you'd think...), therefore I am now searching high and low for a 13-year-old syllabus to prove my point or anybody in the psych department who can help me, but of course the chairperson, who is also my ex-professor, is off for the summer. Sigh.

The department secretaries are doing their best to help me and I am contemplating chocolate offerings of gratitude, even if nothing ends up being resolved.

Oh, and how's this for randomness? Apartment Therapy did this piece on red and gray as a color combo. I thought, "Wow, I've been thinking about that a lot (especially as I consider going monochromatic in my art, with single colors used sparingly), how appropriate!"

So I click over (I'm subscribed) and what do I find? A "Where's Waldo" with the color red. Seriously.

I'm red-green colorblind and I can hardly see crimson in any of the photographs they offer for inspiration! The gray just looks like what green looks like to me.

I can see red when it's brighter (I can see tones better than hues). So this was a piece on "brown and gray color combo" for me. Tragically funny, yes?

Try watching a movie like Color of Night with me or traveling through Painted Desert, Arizona. I'm a barrel of laughs.

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