Monday, June 15, 2009

I just love me some blogs

From the blog, Us and Them

I was talking with a friend about how one day, I was feeling really queasy. Pretty much ready to hurl. I ate a few pieces of ginger candy which usually helps, but my nausea kept coming back.

I knew I was anxious about a big project, but it's been years since I've felt this badly in my body about something in my head! Usually I can calm myself down--meditate, go for a walk, paint, do biofeedback, etc. Nothing was helping and "sitting with it" as the Buddhist teachers suggest wasn't doing much for me.

So after dinner, a friend and I walked into Crate & Barrel. Or Pottery Barn. I swear on the Oxford English Dictionary that they're the same. (Or not different enough, you pick.)

Wouldja believe it? I totally relaxed. No nausea at all.

Granted, the interior design of that store is calming. Very tranquil, elegant, and comfortable.

My friend on the phone, however, thought it was because interior design itself calmed my anxious nature. Wow. Really?

She also thought that this was why interior design would have made me a happy clam versus psychotherapy, but HA HA. Too late. (Or I'm not willing to quit and switch, you pick.)

I tested her theory (on the basis that even if interior design did calm me down, then I could definitely pursue it in full force as a hobby--for myself, not professionally. It was a piece of self-knowledge I was after) and yep, it's true. I mellow out like a junkie with his junk when I experience good interior design.

And this is why there are a bunch of new design blogs in my blogroll, under "Invite Blogs" to your right. I'll change them out as I please (and if they're not posting after like 5 months). They inspire and relax me, and I hope they do good by you, too.

Additionally, in plundering the blogosphere for visual tranquilizers, I checked out other recommended blogs. Above is a pic of the Us and Them blogger's son. The blogger ("Captain Dumbass") won a 2009 Hottest Daddy Blogger award or something like that. I find this picture hilarious (and you'll find out why when you check out his blog).

Fathers blogging about their children are kind of a novelty. I'm glad this one has a whacked out sense of humor (not sure how it'll affect the kids, but they look like they're having fun, too).


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