Friday, June 26, 2009

Doodling under duress 2

I have to take Elementary Statistics.

I can't track down my ex-professor and the program I'm attending won't accept that I passed Research Methods (which had statistics as a prereq) as proof that I don't need to take Elementary Statistics.

The class isn't that hard. It's fun, in fact (I do tend to lean on the rational, Vulcan side of things). However, it's just one more thing I need to do on top of everything else. Hurumph!

Being a multitasker and advantagist (doesn't that sound better than opportunist?), I have tentatively decided to doodle again on my notes. It's so high school, but whatev.

The above started off as a rocket ship that looked too phallic, so I added wings on it and it turned into the ship G-force flew in (remember that show, Battle of the Planets?), and then added a hasty sketch of Mark, the leader of G-Force. I tried to make his eye all anime, but failed.

You'll notice that the doodles get more complex as the class progresses. It's not because the class is getting easier or that I'm paying less attention, but that I'm getting into my doodling!

See the doggie? And see that I don't know what a pug looks like? It certainly doesn't look like what I scribbled over there.

Pugs are one of my favorite breeds, too. How's that for realizing I don't pay as much attention to the world as I think I do?

Here, you can see a poor excuse of a star lamp. I want a big brass or copper star. I think they're pretty.

They have some that are poked with holes and made into lamps. Those are pretty, too.

Danger! Will Robinson! Danger! There's variance ahead!

This is what happens when I get all involved without a photo reference. The Batman and outliers, how funny is that?

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