Sunday, June 07, 2009

Design makes me happy

I found this on Apartment Therapy. Putting aside my love of infomercials, I love design. The more portable and multi-use the better, but this may be not putting aside my love of Japanese transforming robots.
I'm not sure why certain things Dror has designed moves (like the clock--it's fun that it "opens up" but I'd just leave it in one position, unless I had to pack up my yurt and run or something), unless it's just something he loves to incorporate into all his designs. The bookshelf is fun.
I can't wait to check these pieces out when they debut at my local Target. I've read IKEA has some new stuff coming out in August, too, and I'm eager to kick back in a showroom when they're on display!
I entertain easily, don't I?
Invite Beauty,
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