Thursday, June 11, 2009

Daily Successes

  1. I made breakfast and lunch at home. Yay for cereal and eggs: anytime food!

  2. I had my annual physical. Haven't had one for three years! I don't go to the doctor unless there's something bugging me, but I am a big fan of preventative medicine...this doesn't mean I don't procrastinate (and for three years, jeez) or that I don't have anxiety about going to the doctor. So I'm proud that I got off my tuchus and went! My doctor's wonderful and very sweet and compassionate. I got a great recommendation from her about a dentist, since the one I went to (like two years ago) was rude--he didn't believe that I floss every night (I do, even when I'm on vacation) and practically accused me of lying; prior to him seeing me, I had to deal with racist comments from his hygienist (e.g., "Where you from, Chinatown?"). No wonder sedation dentistry is a trend!

  3. I studied. I'm still studying. I have to get back to studying. It's ethics and law, which I love. Not so much the CYA stuff, but the dilemmas that come up that test and clarify one's values and principles.
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