Sunday, June 07, 2009

Daily Successes

  1. I discovered my interior design style. I have been struggling with all the different styles I love in interior design--from Zen Minimalism to Vintage Modern to Rustic Revival. Talking this over with a friend and taking Sproost's style quiz clarified a lot for me. (My result from the quiz was 100%--that's ONE HUNDRED PERCENT--Rustic Revival, which combines modern and country sensibilities; this helps me to understand why I'm so attracted to Zen Minimalism with its clean, modern lines but emphasis on natural, worn materials and Vintage Modern with its mix of Mid-Century classic and retro cloned furniture).

  2. I made a great restaurant suggestion, Bijou in Hayward. Funny thing is, their interior design (especially the colors) matched my blue-river-stone-green-bamboo-black-wood aesthetic!

  3. I got my blood drawn. Despite my anxiety and procrastination for the last five years, I finally went in and have started the process of getting a full physical exam. I should have been at the doctor's office about two hours earlier than I arrived, but, you know...I got busy!
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