Saturday, June 06, 2009

Daily Successes

  1. I scheduled a full blood panel. I've been meaning to check my cholesterol and well, I hate going to doctors. So I've avoided going for like five years! And my friend has been getting on my case 'cause I'm not getting any younger. I go in tomorrow morning to draw blood. Yay. Also looking forward to scheduling a full physical exam, which will probably involving being poked elsewhere. Yay.

  2. I borrowed some videotapes on sex therapy for study. I'm really looking forward to studying sex therapy, as I'd like to specialize in it when I become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

  3. I studied Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in my Child and Adolescent Therapy class. I love this form of therapy and have been applying it to myself. The Daily Successes are an example of actively challenging irrational beliefs and distorted cognitions (thoughts), such as filtering (ignoring the positive and accentuating the negative) and discounting (dismissing positive events or compliments). It's amazing how easy it would be each day if I had to come up with Daily Defeats! But this is a way of thinking, and the idea behind Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, one of the most researched, supported, and effective therapies out there, is that how we think influences how we feel, which then influences how we act. So, I'm changing how I think with Daily Successes. It's hard.

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