Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This is your brain on--Oh, shiny!

Yes, an actual sketch!

This espresso maker hasn't been in use for about a year and a half.

Besides sputtering and leaking if I didn't get the seal right (and making a mess I would have to scrub off on my stove), I only drank coffee if I had to get up super early (for me) in the morning. (I also drank it because I missed my experience in Italy in the earlier part of this century.)

When I stopped having to get up super early, I stopped drinking coffee.

Recently, I've been titrating higher amounts of caffeine (beyond my preciousss iced tea) to get through my rather busy and stressful days without falling asleep in the middle of everything, which I am wont to do when I'm overwhelmed.

To be economical, I decided to make my own coffee, although I do still enjoy going to cafes with friends, and especially supporting neighborhood businesses like

Anyway, I decided to do a quick sketch of this version of a crack pipe (Ceci n'est pas une pipe craque to misquote Magritte). I was rushed for time, kneeling, and hell, high on a double dose of espresso, but there ya have it.

It's funny, once I make it a habit, I do sketches from 30 seconds to 2 minutes and they look relatively good. This one took almost 8 minutes (I time myself: to keep a good record and to give myself a realistic sense of how long sketching actually takes) and I'm hardly satisfied.

Oh, and I wanted to share about the coffee: I got it like almost two years ago from Trader Joe's, it's shade grown and fair trade, so nobody had to clearcut rainforests or exploit workers for my java. I ground it at TJ's and kept it in the freezer.

According to true addicts, er, aficionados, this is a terrible thing to do, it destroys the aroma and taste. Yeah, um, here to tell you it ain't true. I've been having great cups of espresso and I can tell a bad cuppa joe. My taste buds are attuned to tea which is by far subtler and more varied than coffee.

Right, last thing: I added two teaspoons of organic, raw sugar to my espresso. I usually never do that because I don't like sweet things and I like my espresso pure. However, this was freakin' awesome--I loved it. Makes me wonder what I cheated myself out of those years I did drink regularly.

Why didn't I give myself this gift earlier?
Invite Beauty,

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