Thursday, May 07, 2009

Dude, that's awesome

I love that doing these Daily Successes has inspired other people to do them, too (go, Mom!).

I'm still tweaking the format in the different venues (blog and

This is hard to do. Daily Successes are challenging. There are days when I'm close to midnight and I think to myself, "What can I consider successes? Did I have any successes today? Can I find three?"

Ask me what I didn't succeed in doing (otherwise known as "failed to do"), I'm sure I could come up with a laundry list. Don't get me started.

But I guess that's the point: getting started about something and then running with it. I don't want to end my day with Daily Defeats (okay, that's kind of funny). I want to get started--I want you to get me started--I want to get you started--on ranting about triumphs miniscule and ginormous.

I've started to think about what successes I will report, and what successes I will accomplish so that I can report something.

The Daily Successes are definitely having an effect. Thanks to Joe for recommending this activity (it's also a meditation, if you think about it, or a contemplation).

I would also add that the sharing part is really nice. It's not just encouraging, I also feel closer to people, to their source of joy. It's a sweet thing, to finish my night by sharing my successes with you, with my mom, and with my friends.

Invite Beauty,

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