Saturday, May 16, 2009

Daily Successes

  1. I supported a friend by going to his music show (and had a great time!). I think it's important to do support as well as say support. I try never to assume that people just "know" that I care about them. Anyway, I'm exhausted today, but I still went, and I'm glad I did. I rarely ever go to music shows and it was nice breaking a preconception of myself and doing something different. Heh. I do enjoy novelty (must be the masochism).
  2. I went for another walk today. I haven't had a chance to workout this week and it's making me antsy. I feel like I'm doing something by walking, and I also feel like I'm working up to working out again (for which I have a lot of resistance, and I don't mean weights).
  3. I explained how saying "should" to someone could feel shaming and stop this person from listening to what the speaker had to say--and I did this in Chinese! I have been thinking of visiting Taiwan and studying psychological language there so that I have the option of serving a Chinese (Mandarin) speaking population without sounding like I'm eight-years-old.
  4. I sketched. I did a quick sketch of my instructor on a handout.
  5. I finished the third session of my program today! Seven more sessions to go...

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