Sunday, May 31, 2009

Daily Successes x 2

This is for Saturday and Sunday!

  1. I held my emotional center when somebody dumped on me. It's hard to separate your own feelings from what others insist you feel, such as guilt, shame, and anger, especially in the midst of a confrontation. Before, I would have felt shaken. This time, I felt prepared.

  2. I increased my weights. I did this sooner than I thought I could, but I handled it alright. Macho, macho man.

  3. I am planning a garden.

  4. I found a tasty, organic Belgian ale. It's made by Bison Brewing Company in Berkeley, California.

  5. I met a friendly and generous person. You know, there are some cool people out there. Find more, make friends, and be one.

  6. I helped my mom by translating a contract.
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