Friday, May 01, 2009

28 Days

I've heard that it takes about 28 days to break a habit (including certain drug habits). It also takes about 28 days to develop a habit.

While I've been exiled, I have taken the opportunity to do something about habits.

  1. I canceled my cable box and didn't hook up my TV, so I stopped watching television starting the end of March.
  2. In not watching TV, I've also stopped watching DVDs for the most part. I'm thinking of cancelling my Netflix membership.
  3. I have started the Daily Successes and expect after 28 days, I will have developed a healthy habit of looking for successes rather than dwelling on failures.
  4. I stopped eating beef.

Not too shabby, eh?

However, blogging daily is not a habit I'm cultivating, especially since this is an art blog and unless I'm making more art to share and offer, I don't want to burden my readers (HELLO...ELLO...LO...lo...) with stuff they weren't asking for in the first place.

To that end, I'm moving my Daily Successes to my Twitter stream. Please follow me on Twitter and Tweet your own Daily Successes!

I have been consigned to the outer lands for a little more time yet (past the expected 30 days, *grumble*), so I shall endeavor to work on a new habit (those sketches I've been promising). You'll see the results, or you'll see paintings.

Okay, back to the fray.

Invite Beauty,


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