Thursday, April 16, 2009

The show is coming, the show is coming!

Broke Open Dream, mixed media on canvas, 24" x 24"
Original Finger Painting

In about two weeks, I will be having my second solo show at Pacific Thai in Downtown Santa Cruz.

I am looking forward to finalizing my choice of what Original Finger Paintings to exhibit. During my first art show at Pacific Thai, I had a concurrent one at Children's Mental Health. I had some tough decisions to make about what pieces to hang where!

This time around, I will do many local and not-so local fans a favor by hanging some of my artwork previously shown at Children's Mental Health. Now you don't have to get to the exhibit space before 5 PM, you can pop in from lunchtime until dinner and also get some tasty Thai cuisine while you're enjoying my paintings!

I will post on here the final selection and provide a link in the News section of In addition to my paintings, I will also be showing giclees--intense reproductions of my work that rival the originals.

Here's your chance to check out one of the remaining (and affordable) prints of
Meow and Zen (18" x 36", limited edition of 10), not to mention Carpe Diem (12" x 15", limited edition of 3). I may hang some framed prints on paper, too.

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