Thursday, April 09, 2009

Out, out, damned...everything!

Today, vandals cut a couple of AT & T's fiber optic bundles in Northern California. Silicon Valley was without wireless (and some Internet) service up until about an hour ago.

I'm always a man with a backup plan, so this troubles me that such a system could not reroute for almost a day. Verizon and Sprint networks both use AT & T's phone lines, so you can imagine the massive effect this act of sabotage had.

Anyway, I've also been without TV for over a week now (and was without Internet access the week before that) and don't miss the ol' boob tube one bit. I had to move out of my apartment temporarily (still displaced as of this writing), and I took the opportunity to return the cable box since everything was unplugged.

Recently, I've also been phasing out my shipping supplies. As people who follow my work know, I package and ship the majority of my art myself, but as I've gotten busier, I find this impacts my time to be creative (and studious) more and more. After I've used the last box, I will be shifting shipping responsibilities to professional shippers like UPS. (I may still ship large prints in mailing tubes, though.)

Out, out, out. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Make room for something wonderful.

Invite Beauty,

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