Sunday, April 26, 2009

Inviting Beauty

The Mynah Escapes, print on paper, 13" x 19"
Limited edition of 5, only 2 remaining

Posting my Daily Successes is keeping me blogging (minimally) regularly, but I'm sure y'all are jonesing for more content than the mini-triumphs I celebrate each day.

So now I'm going to plug one of my favorite images, The Mynah Escapes, which is available as a large, 13" x 19" limited edition print on photographic paper. There are only two left, and only five were printed.

I'm presenting this image specifically because these Daily Successes have inspired me to liberate myself from my thoughts that search for mistakes and to re-educate my mind to seek triumph and joy.

In short, I am inviting beauty into my life, because I am looking for it, because I know it has to be there in the small things (I picked up my mail today, which I tend to procrastinate) as well as the big things (I had a great interview for a traineeship at a place I really want to work).

And now, I invite you to share your Daily Successes with me by posting yours in the comments section of my Daily Successes. I'm not sure if anybody will do this--I'm aware of a lot of lurkers (silent but supportive readers) on my blog--but hey, I've put out the call.

Invite Beauty,


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