Thursday, April 09, 2009

The hippo cometh

Portrait of a Hippo, limited edition print (100)
13" x 19"
On sale with free shipping at my Etsy shop

The above print recently sold through my Etsy shop.

It's one of my earliest and favoritest pieces, originally done with India ink on scratchboard for a science illustration. Now, it's reproduced in glorious black and white on ultra glossy photographic paper to share with hippo lovers around the globe!

April tends to be a busy month for me, I've noticed. Business owners I talk to complain about the tax season making bear traps of everybody's wallets, but I experience the opposite effect--and I'm selling art, something that appears to be a luxury item!

In economic recessions and depressions, art tends to hold or increase its value. Just look at Sotheby's records for their auctions. Art is by far more stable than real estate, and perhaps it isn't a luxury, just as a cathedral isn't to support superstitious whims. There's something more going on in this creative endeavor.

I'm happy to say that my collectors have made wise decisions. What they bought a mere three years ago has steadily climbed in value, some several times the price they originally paid. My thanks to my collectors who have supported, encouraged, and enthusiastically shared my work with others.


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