Friday, March 27, 2009

Rock, steady

Sacred Blue Hippo, mixed media on canvas, 16" x 20"

Sacred Blue Hippo, which you see above, was painted back in August of 2007. It's one of my favorite Original Finger Paintings, because it has a hippo (duh), is blue (double duh), and also contains my mother's calligraphy (awww).
It recently sold to a collector who tracked down the painting after I moved it from one of my online venues. Now that's determination! As an artist, I feel even more appreciated for my work because of the effort this collector went through to get one of my Original Finger Paintings.
On another note, I know it's been all quiet on the artistic front for me, with behind-the-scenes commissions taking up most of my time, as well as the rigors of graduate education (for those who missed it, I enrolled last October in a master's program for counseling psychology).
There's been the traffic incident, too, and I've just learned that I need to vacate my dwelling by April 1 for a month--I had wanted to live on a boat before, thinking I would love the lulling waves and appreciate the metaphor of living in the midst of constant change and impermanence, but can I just say this sudden move makes me an anxious puppy?
This sudden move makes me an anxious puppy!
To be honest, there's a part of me that wishes to announce a hiatus so that I can keep myself from being overwhelmed and just as importantly, keep myself from losing the joy I experience from making art and sharing it.
Of course, it does seem that my art is on hiatus already, but please be assured, I haven't forgotten you and your enthusiasm or support! From May to June I will have another show at Pacific Thai in downtown Santa Cruz, and I'm very much looking forward to that. More details later both here and in the News section at
Just know that whatever I do, whatever I experience, will always be integrated into whatever art I make. I hope you decide to stay along for the ride and keep me company!
Invite Beauty,
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