Friday, March 27, 2009

Rock, steady

Sacred Blue Hippo, mixed media on canvas, 16" x 20"

Sacred Blue Hippo, which you see above, was painted back in August of 2007. It's one of my favorite Original Finger Paintings, because it has a hippo (duh), is blue (double duh), and also contains my mother's calligraphy (awww).
It recently sold to a collector who tracked down the painting after I moved it from one of my online venues. Now that's determination! As an artist, I feel even more appreciated for my work because of the effort this collector went through to get one of my Original Finger Paintings.
On another note, I know it's been all quiet on the artistic front for me, with behind-the-scenes commissions taking up most of my time, as well as the rigors of graduate education (for those who missed it, I enrolled last October in a master's program for counseling psychology).
There's been the traffic incident, too, and I've just learned that I need to vacate my dwelling by April 1 for a month--I had wanted to live on a boat before, thinking I would love the lulling waves and appreciate the metaphor of living in the midst of constant change and impermanence, but can I just say this sudden move makes me an anxious puppy?
This sudden move makes me an anxious puppy!
To be honest, there's a part of me that wishes to announce a hiatus so that I can keep myself from being overwhelmed and just as importantly, keep myself from losing the joy I experience from making art and sharing it.
Of course, it does seem that my art is on hiatus already, but please be assured, I haven't forgotten you and your enthusiasm or support! From May to June I will have another show at Pacific Thai in downtown Santa Cruz, and I'm very much looking forward to that. More details later both here and in the News section at
Just know that whatever I do, whatever I experience, will always be integrated into whatever art I make. I hope you decide to stay along for the ride and keep me company!
Invite Beauty,

Monday, March 09, 2009

Finally, hopelessness for the hopeful!

A fellow classmate sent me this and I think it's pretty funny. Be aware that expletives are used, so if you or those in your environment may be offended or corrupted, please refrain from playing this video.

Invite Beauty,


I'm Driving Nintendo

I promised my brother a photograph of my new car (he likes cars) but I haven't made good on my word yet. I will.

For now, I just want to say, I'm enjoying the vehicle, but it's the weirdest thing having an on button. Actually, it's labeled Power but you get the point. I suppose a hybrid engine should fascinate me more, but really, it's that button that does the trick (perhaps I'm easier to please than I had previously believed of myself). On. And off you go. No work! No turning of key!

However, all this utopian laziness isn't without its cost. The hybrid engine can be silent but deadly (I've nearly been run over by these cars because I can't hear their carbon stomping). So a safety feature with these cars is beeping, inside, so the driver knows he or she is reversing. It's not to warn people outside the car. It's to remind you: Hey, leadfoot, you're driving!

A fellow hybrid owner managed to turn off this beeping and when I asked him how he did it, he couldn't remember. "It's kind of complicated," he said. Then he looked it up and sent me the link with instructions. Go ahead, visit the link (it'll open another window; your place here is safe).

You'll notice there are no less than ten steps. Really, it's nine steps, with the tenth one being the voila after you turn your car back on.

And the steps to get there? It's like a secret cheat code on a computer game. Up-up-down-down-left-right-button-button BINGO! You get infinite lives to continue playing the game! Who would have been able to figure this out? And why isn't this in the car's manual if it's an option?

I haven't turned off my beep yet. I'm a little paranoid that I'm going to be the guy who forgets his car is still on ("hello OC my old friend, you've come to disorder me again..."). So for now, I'm going to deal with this 21st century equivalent of Chinese water torture as if it were birdsong.

Invite Beauty,


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Brian's West Seattle Debut

Sand of Time, copyright Brian Carr

My good friend Brian Carr, who moved last year (yeah, still getting over that) will be having a reception for his first art show in Seattle!
If you're in the area, I highly recommend you check out his work, especially on March 12 (it's during the West Seattle Art Walk Thursday) starting at 6:00 PM--because that's when he'll be showing his stained glass (one night only!).
His work will be on display for the month of March at Coffee To A Tea (4541 California Avenue SW, Seattle, Washington 98116) (yes, I thought "California Avenue" was ironic, too). There are rumors and rumors of rumors of cupcakes at the reception!
There's also a light dinner at The Cove (5274 45th Avenue SW, Seattle, Washington 98136) before the reception and refreshments afterwards.
Please bring and tell friends!
Thanks to Regina, Maven of Social Chaos, for hosting the event.
Once more, with feeling:
What: Brian Carr's Art Show Reception
When: Thursday, March 12, 2009; 6:00 PM
Where: Coffee To A Tea (4541 California Avenue SW, Seattle, Washington 98116)

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