Thursday, February 12, 2009

When worlds collide (and one is at fault)

So I was driving home yesterday and this SUV plows into the side of my car.

And keeps driving.

It was an odd sensation, kind of like bumper cars. Except I'm the one getting bumped and shoved into a corner. The thought, "helpless," came to mind.

I tend to meet these situations in life calmly. I know the drill: Get out, exchange information, yadda yadda. So I was surprised when I found my hands shaking and I couldn't write clearly (not that my handwriting is legible by any stretch of fantasy).

Later, as I talked to my claims agent (complete sweetheart), I realized I was shaken up when I had trouble answering pretty simple questions. I don't think I could have answered my date of birth at that moment! Odd.

Anyway, just a note to let y'all know I'm fine, I didn't take pictures for my blog like I should have (although I might do that tomorrow when I drop off my car at the body shop for the adjuster).

What was kind of interesting was how, as I took down the other driver's information, she pretty much gave me her life story as she apologized profusely for crashing into my car (SUV vs. sedan, you do the math). I'm sure this is partially because of my personality (listener) and partially because of my schooling and partially because people want to share, to be heard, to be seen.

Speaking of wanting to be seen...

Alright, back to work. I have a painting waiting for my attention and homework assignments for my upcoming classes. This traffic incident (we don't say "accident" since that assumes no one was at fault--I think I learned that from the movie Hot Fuzz) was the last thing I needed on my overflowing plate, but hey, I'm alive.

Invite Beauty,

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