Sunday, February 22, 2009

Memento (the fresh-start-maker)

It's been almost ten days since my last post, and I am reminded that within ten days, you begin to lose the muscle mass you've gained from working out. So I'm going to take a micro-break and post for all you loyal readers out there before I lose you en masse!

I have been busy dealing with schoolwork and the consequences of my traffic incident last week and haven't had time to paint. I am seriously considering doing some daily sketches just to keep up the discipline of seeing and making art, as well as continuing to share with you what you've come to this blog to see (I ain't ashamed to say it: my art!).

As for the results of getting the equivalent of a sloppy kiss on my car's left butt cheek by an SUV, I am now the proud owner of a hybrid vehicle. It's a beautiful dark charcoal color (hell, it could be sage green for all I know--those car salespeople can be pretty sneaky!) that's called Magnetic Gray. Personally, I think they should've called it hematite, after the stone, because that's what it looks like (a black, iron-y gray).

Incidentally, gray can be spelled "gray" or "grey." I thought one might be British but nope. I think I like the spelling with the "e" better. I had a neighbor named Grey growing up and it was always a strange experience saying his name as a bilingual and bicultural child because I wanted to complete it with something I found familiar: Grey...guh. Greg.

Yes, all this studying has made Jack a crazy boy! Psychopathology, theories of therapeutic process, and multicultural awareness are my classes this session. I'm in the home stretch, and then I get a week off, and then I start up again. In the interim, I look forward to finishing at least one painting and skipping down to SoCal to visit my brother for his restaurant's grand opening (any day now!).

Right, so I'm not going to post a pic of my car. I don't identify with my car (or material possessions), but I just wanted to say that I feel a great burden has lifted from my shoulders. I realized after buying the car that I had been stressed and sad over the loss of my trusty old vehicle, which had been considered so damaged by the insurance adjuster that he deemed it unsalvageable--a metaphor of my independence, a repository of memory (I took that car on a wonderful road trip)--slated for the glue factory. It will be gone soon, and I will miss it.

However, I have also secured myself a new mode of transport, and that panic of being left behind is fading.

To my surprise, I continue to survive.

Invite Beauty,

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