Saturday, January 03, 2009

My bro's resto in OC Weekly!

This is way too cool--my brother's restaurant, California Shabu Shabu, got a pre-opening
rave review in OC Weekly's food blog, "Stick a Fork in It"!

Yep, even before they opened (which is anticipated in 3-4 weeks), the food writers at OC Weekly have pegged the joint for lovely and delicious
shabu shabu, based not only on the California Shabu Shabu restaurant reputation, but my brother's hip, funny, and extremely well-written blog!

There are demolition videos, hilarious photos of arrests, and much more to be enjoyed at his
blog. Go check it out--and it's always in the menu on the right side, under "Invite Blogs."

Can't wait until the grand opening--I'll be there!


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