Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Lunar New Year!

Alright, alright. I'm sorry for being absent these few weeks. You did have a nice Freudian couch to stare at for a while, yes? Did it help? Any insight into why you do that special thing you do?

This has been a wacky New Year, solar and lunar. Don't get me wrong, it's better than last year where it was literally all about death and change for those close to me, but this's been about being alive.

Almost every restaurant I've been to this month, somebody's getting serenaded with "Happy Birthday." My friends are surprised but I just ask them to count back nine months and take a wild guess as to what some parents were doing in March, as spring sprang up.

Next is reconnecting with friends. I don't know if it had anything to do with the hope brought about by Obama's administration, or my age group nearing 40, or school reunions coming up--but I've had the good fortune of being found and finding others (thank ya, Facebook!) from as far back as second grade. I've also had the chance to apologize to some people, and that truly is a blessing.

Of course, most people didn't remember my offenses (we were in middle school), but I did and I appreciated their grace and good humor.

And there is one person above all for whom I'm insanely grateful for finding me and having the courage and love to say "Hi" again. You know who you are.

Other newness--I turned 37 and before that, I went snowshoeing. Yeah. Me. Snowshoeing. Me, snowshoeing. It's hard to imagine, but yes. I went snowshoeing. Me. Seriously.

I had a blast!! See the extra exclamation mark? It was something I had thought about doing for a while, like surfing (yeah, that's next--in fact, somebody in my grad program is a surfing instructor and when I get the guts to go, I'm going to give her a ring), but never found the friend or excuse to go until a couple of weeks ago (it was a date--how's that for brave?).

I'm looking forward to going again next year, when the snow is fresher (and I hope, more plentiful).

Next, I've started to read again. As in, for fun. And no, I don't mean, "I love learning new stuff, this non-fiction book is great!" I mean, I'm finally finishing Moby Dick and it's not bad. I'm doing entertainment reading (while still thinking critically about things--residue from my baccalaureate) along with the crazy amounts of reading and writing I have to do for school (which, by the way, is freakin' AWESOME...I love what I'm learning!).

However, I've got about a decade and a half of reading to catch up on, because after college, I just couldn't bring myself to read for fun like I used to. Organized education can do things like that to a person! (I also couldn't eat pasta or instant noodles for like five years...the horror!).

So that's about it for January as it winds to a close. I had thought I'd be in a blog frenzy, but really, I've been processing a lot of emotions and it's been hard. I'll have new paintings to share again, but I have to get my house in order first.

Thanks to all my friends and family, new and old, found and lost, who have offered and continue to offer their love, support, and wisdom to me while I'm on Earth.

Love always,

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