Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Freud's interior

Freud's sofa for conducting psychoanalysis
Oh, man.

Isn't this beautiful?

I found this image on Wikipedia (convenient but sometimes questionable source of information) during my research for a paper. It's supposedly Freud's famous couch where he psychoanalyzed his patients!

It's not the leather couch I was expecting (I blame the movies). It's kind of...bohemian. There's a flair for design that makes me want to leap on this couch, snuggle up with a pillow, admire the design of the rugs, and then offer up all my secrets (I don't think I have many, but that's what he'd be there to find out).

Notice the various head sculptures in the upper left corner of the picture? Wow. Gorgeous, symbolic, and focused--his room is definitely themed and premeditated to encourage a certain response from those who enter it.

Anyway, thought I'd share. One of the reasons I debated between interior design and psychology as a topic of study was because I always noticed the offices of therapists in the movies, not what they did (which was usually unethical for dramatic purposes). Their offices were always fabulous.

Something to look forward to, eh?

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