Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here we go again

The end of the world is nigh!!

Well, it's always the end of the world somewhere.

Somebody once explained to me the difference between the world and reality: The world is our perception of reality. So the world actually ends quite a lot--whenever perspectives change, religions die, spiritualities evolve, marriages dissolve, governments topple...

Reality, on the other hand, is what is, regardless of what we think about it. What You Don't See Is What's Ultimately There, or WYDSIWUT. Whoever gets a glimpse of reality is probably enlightened and makes comments like, "The Kingdom of Heaven is spread out upon the earth and men see it not" or "Life is illusion."

Hm. I'm wondering how I'll spend this New Year's Eve. I've hung out with my friend Brian for the last couple of years, but now that he's moved, I have to reinvent this end-of-the-world celebration for myself.

Possibly some quiet time, thinking over the year and the losses and gains it brought, for me, for people I know, and for everyone. It's been painful and wonderful.

But that's life, right?
Invite Beauty,

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